The MA-AUA Pre-medicine Enrichment Program (PEP) is a scholarship program developed with the goal of empowering historically underrepresented minorities (URM) who are first-generation students considering medicine. Participating institutions will provide a mentoring and support program that focuses on developing key skills within four core areas that are essential to a successful career in medicine.

Applications for Summer 2025 will be accepted beginning in Fall 2024.


Academic Study

Career Planning

Personal Growth

Scientific Research

Program Outline

While the exact experience is to be developed by the host institution, key program features institutions are to provide are:

  • A comprehensive, eight-week mentorship and support experience to student participants.
  • Regular meetings between students and their assigned mentor to address key developmental aspects of the program, as they relate to the individual student.
  • Student will be a member of a clinical research project team with the goal of submitting an abstract to a publication and/or presenting at an academic congress or professional meeting.
  • Time for students to shadow physicians in their office practice, operating room, and other clinical settings to enhance the experience.
  • Mentorship focusing on developing key skills withing the four core areas that are essential to a successful career in medicine: academic study, career planning, personal growth, and scientific research.
  • Mentors are required to check in with program participants annually throughout college, graduate education, and early-career and report back to the Section. These annual check-in reports will be reviewed by the MA-AUA Board of Directors to determine the impact of program on career development.

Application Process

Any in-Section institution may apply. Though preference may be given to institutions who have identified a potential participant at the time of application, the review committee evaluates the institution and its ability to provide the key program features.

To apply for PEP funding, institutions must provide:

  • A contact at the host institution who will be responsible for developing the student experience and communicating with the Section.
  • Letter of Support from the Program Chair of the host institution providing a description of the candidate selection process as well as a detailed description of the experience that will be provided to the candidate. This letter should confirm to ability to facilitate the internship.
  • Student/candidate information and letter of interest are optional.

Student Participants

Student participant selection is at the discretion of the institution however the program must select candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Historically underrepresented minority (URM).
  • First-generation student considering medicine.
  • Though not required, a student at the end of their sophomore or junior year of study is recommended to allow for both educational experience and continued mentorship throughout undergraduate education.

MA-AUA Support

Selected institutions will receive a stipend of $5,000 in order to offset costs of their bespoke program that adheres to the criteria listed above. Funds must be used to support the program, but exact use is at the discretion of the institution. The annual contribution from the MA-AUA will be $30,000 (funding for 6 programs), with additional funding granted at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

The distribution will be equitable and rotational, allowing all programs to have access to financial support. Individual programs will have discretion to add to the section contributed fund if they choose to host additional students.

Applications for Summer 2025 will be accepted beginning in Fall 2024.

If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Wagner at danielle@veritasamc.com.